Here are examples of videos and multimedia projects I have created over the years.


Redemption Song

Written by: Bob Marley

Performed by: Chris Luessmann

This video is the end of a multimedia project that I performed in coffee shops and book stores. This video was shot at Sunset Cliffs in Ocean Beach on mini-DV, then ukulele, vocals, and sound effects were overdubbed in the studio.



Written by: The Who

Performed by: Chris Luessmann

This video is part of a multimedia project that I performed in coffee shops and book stores. This video was recorded using the time-lapse feature. The original image is from a 1920s piece of ukulele sheet music. The image wasn’t quite perfect, the woman had her back turned and you couldn’t see the ukulele in her hand. This video shows the photoshop process used to make the image ready for permanent application, and then the tattoo process.


Ogilby’s – Theme Song

Written by: Michael Hollinger

Performed by: Chris Luessmann

This song was written for a play called Red Herring, I wrote the melody and played the ukulele and harmonica. On stage, the song was played through a radio, but I decided to turn it into a vintage looking TV commercial.


The Monument – Theme Song

Written by: Andrew Hentz

Recorded, produced, mixed and performed by: Chris Luessmann

Directed by: Andy Goldblatt.


Reefer Madness

Sound Design: Chris Luessmann

Reefer Madness is a 1936 propaganda film created to show young people the dangers of smoking the “devil’s lettuce.” This version was colorized by a company called Legend Films and I captured the analog audio, performed some restoration and clean up, and re-designed the sound in 5.1.


Val Vigoda

Just Getting Good

Sound Design: Chris Luessmann

Val Vigoda is a founding member of the band Groovelilly and has composed many hit musicals in addition to writing songs songs for Disney and other companies. Val recently struck out on her own performing her songs with the aide of Ableton Live looping and production software. Just Getting Good is a live performance we filmed with an audience, we also recorded multi-track audio and mixed it all down in the studio.


The Third Story

MCC Theatre at The Lucille Lortel Theater

Written by: Charles Busch

Directed by: Carl Andress

Sound Design: Chris Luessmann


Alice Chan

La Jolla Playhouse – POP Tour

Written by: B.D. Wong and Robert Lee

Directed by: B.D. Wong

Sound Design: Chris Luessmann


Billy Crystal’s 700 Sundays

La Jolla Playhouse

Sound Design: Chris Luessmann